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Dayton’s Alive!
About us

Hello, and thank you for visiting Dayton’s Alive!

This is where the fun starts. Where original people perfectly complement the beauty of Dayton. Explore and discover what Dayton is all about. Be inspired. Be adventurous. Be yourself. Discover Dayton!

Dayton is a place where there’s always something going on … from Urban Nights downtown, to Michael Locke’s Blues Jam at the Oregon Express, to The Menus at the Fraze.

This town is great! We visit as many events in the Dayton area as we possibly can and bring cameras with us wherever we go. So the next time you’re at a live event in Dayton, watch for us. We might  be pointing a camera at you. Feel free to introduce yourself. Let us know who you are and we’ll send you some shots!

And please visit our Facebook page* and/or blog and let us know how we’re doing! And once you ‘Like’ our Facebook page, you’ll be able to upload your own photos, videos and stories to our timeline.

This project is just starting, so we don’t have much to show yet. And there’s so much happening in Dayton that we can’t cover even a fraction of it. So please send us whatever you got…family friendly, of course ;)

Thanks again,

The Dayton’s Alive Team

* Please don’t forget to “Like” us when you get to our Facebook page. Or you can simply click the Like button at the top of this page. Thanks!

The pictures are already there. I just take them.

Paul H. Livingston

Dayton’s Alive Photographer