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Dayton’s Alive!
Dayton Discovery & Adventure for the Culturally Curious
Dayton — Great things happen here!

You can read more about this site by clicking this link.

But briefly, what the Dayton’s Alive site is about are all the fun, exiting, educational, culturally enriching public events happening in the Dayton, Ohio area.  They go year-round; Dayton never stops!

Most of the happenings featured on Dayton’s Alive are free and open to the public. They encompass a vast range of  topics sure to interest you. You can see a few  examples on this page.

The Dayton’s Alive team aims to keep Daytonians informed of events going on in their own back yards and at the same time attract more visitors to this great city.  

Also, please know that this site—along with its accompanying blog and Facebook page—is/are brand new.  So there’s not much up yet. But we’re visiting & shooting as many events as we can. You can help by sending us your photos, videos & stories. See the ‘About Us’ page for details.

Thanks for stopping by.
The Dayton’s Alive Team